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New Stanton Park, Ilkeston

Site Description

The site lies to the south of Ilkeston, between Nottingham and Derby, 2.6 miles by road north of Junction 25 of the M1 and A52. The site lies within the administrative area of Erewash Borough Council (EBC) and Derbyshire County Council (DCC) (the highways and waste disposal authority).

The site covers an area of 79 hectares or approximately 200 acres, and was formerly the location of Stanton Ironworks.  The ironworks have been demolished and the majority of the site has been left disused for several years. The site mainly comprises areas of concrete hardstanding, and areas of aggregates and woodland. There is a single track rail line which is serviceable for freight vehicles. The Nut Brook flows through the northern part of the site, parallel to National Cycle Route 67.

North of the site lies Quarry Hill Industrial estate and to the south, an area which was formerly part of the Ironworks, and is now used for general storage and industrial purposes. To the east is the Erewash Canal, and to the west, open countryside, designated as Green Belt. The site is bordered by Lows Lane to the south, and Ilkeston Road to the west.

The plan below shows the existing opportunities and constraints on the site. This includes existing mineshafts, areas at risk of flooding, existing residential dwellings, and existing woodland.

Opportunities and Constraints Plan

Planning Policy Context

The Local Development Plan comprises:

  • The Erewash Borough Core Strategy 2014
  • Erewash Borough Saved Policies; and
  • The saved policies contained within the Derby and Derbyshire Minerals and Waste Local Plans.

The Council is currently preparing a new Plan, the Erewash Borough Core Strategy Review. A draft version of this, the Revised Options for Growth Document (March 2021) allocates the site for employment uses.

Other Material Considerations in the preparation and determination of the planning application are the National Planning Policy Framework 2021, National Planning Practice Guidance, and a number of Erewash Borough Council Supplementary Planning Documents, including the Stanton Regeneration Site SPD (2017).

Proposed Development

The planning application will be submitted for some matters in outline, and some in detail. The application will be supported by an Environmental Impact Assessment.

A hybrid planning application for the comprehensive redevelopment of the site will be submitted, comprising:

Outline Application for demolition of existing buildings and structures to provide; a maximum 261,471 sqm of employment (a mix of Class Eg (iii), B2 and B8) with associated car, cycle and HGV parking; service yards; gatehouse(s) and security facilities; electrical substations; provision of cycle and walking infrastructure and foul and surface water infrastructure; removal of trees; retention of open space for biodiversity enhancements and landscaping; utilities; provision of land for safeguarding for future highway improvements; relocation and consolidation of existing railway line; provision of intermodal rail hub, and other associated works and improvements.

Full Application for provision of new access points from and alterations to Lows Lane and an internal estate road; diversion of a section of National Cycle Route 67; associated surface water infrastructure; infilling of part of the disused canal; remediation works and groundworks.

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