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New Stanton Park, Ilkeston

Rail Access

The outline planning application makes provision for the relocation and consolidation of the existing railway line and provision of an intermodal rail hub. The northern spur will service bulk freight distribution and will comprise three parallel sidings, allowing two trains to be loaded simultaneously and a locomotive to run between them if necessary. The western spur is designed to accommodate intermodal trains of up to 650 m in length.

During the last few months, we have been working with Network Rail so that the line is now fully licensed.

Although the provision of rail on the site has the potential to remove some existing vehicle movements from the highway, it is anticipated to result in a modest net increase in local and regional trips, related to vehicles delivering and collecting goods to and from the rail spur.

Rail Investment

Verdant Regeneration has shown its commitment to opening up the existing disused rail line and making further investments to move as much freight as possible on to rail as opposed to road.

The northern spur is a proposed additional rail investment. This to be installed to further increase rail connectivity to the site/area and is promoted by the outline planning application.

Already 3 trains have used the re-opened line, demonstrating the existing potential for more freight to be moved on rail to and from the site, which the additional investment will expand still further.

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